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Toyo Tires RA-1

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The components and design of Toyo RA-1 tires stem from their initial use by race teams who rode these tires to victory at competitions across the world. The RA-1 is a competition tire that produces uber-fast lap times, extended wear and remarkable consistency. In terms of specifications, the RA-1 tire has full 8/32nds tread depth that allows for a full grip of even the wettest road. These tires are made of a very soft but long lasting R-compound to provide superior performance and handling. Toyo RA-1 tires have been used on an array of race-prepared cars like the Porsche Boxster, the Mazda Miata MX-5, the BMW e30, the Honda S2000 and the Honda CRX.

The Design of the Toyo RA-1 Tire

The RA-1 has a stepped tread style design that boosts the available tread area while limiting voids to ameliorate dry traction. Its special groove arrangement improves with wet traction. The tires are designed with a tread depth indicator that allows for improved tread depth measurements by the shoulders. The internal structure of the tire has an intricate competition modified radial construction that empowers you to drive quick and hard into corners and accelerate with incredible speed. This is the perfect tire for street use, track use or even canyon runs. There is a reason why Toyo's RA-1 tire is one of the industry's longest running competition tires. It is a superior aggressive tire that provides remarkable traction, speed and bite. This tire holds up to considerable abuse without a problem.

Toyo RA-1 Nuances

While the praise has been heaped on the RA-1, those who have used the tire stress that the vehicle's alignment must be correct to achieve the desired results. They also warn that over-driving can cause the creation of excess grease after a driving session. When you remove the tires from your vehicles, you should not store them in any old place. RA-1 tires must be treated with great care. It is imperative that you designate a space of your home that is consistently above 15 degrees Fahrenheit for the storage of your RA-1 tires.