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Dear Tire Crawler Customers,

It is with sadness today we announce the closure of, Effective August 1, 2020. Unfortunately, the current business climate has created a situation where continuing Tirecrawler is no longer in the best interests of our business. If you have purchased tires in the past from us and need assistance, please reach out to us via



About Starfire Tires

Starfire tires are built by Cooper Tire in their state of the art tire manufacturing facility in China. Starfire has a low price point for the value conscious customer on a budget. Made by Cooper, a brand you know and trust, Starfire tires are produced in one of Cooper's newest manufacturing facilities for the highest levels of quality and safety. Unlike many competitor tires, Starfire tires are engineered and tested in America. Starfire tires will give you the abilities of a high performance tire, without sacrificing tire life and are made with the construction and looks to compete against other premium brands, without the premium price.

As a company Starfire Tires is dedicated to providing a well-priced tire without sacrificing on safety and quality. Safety is by far the number one concern when buying car tires, especially if you have a family and Starfire Tires have put their tires to the test against popular brands in today‚Äôs market. 

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Several Starfire Tire models are available to buy now at discount prices.