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Pirelli PZero Corsa System Asimmetrico 2

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PZero Corsa System Asimmetrico 2 | Ultra High Performance Summer

PZero Corsa System is a extreme road use tire developed for powerful supercars and enthusiasts who often take their car on the race track, allowing them to maximise their cars performance. The features in tread pattern design, compound and structure, allows PZero Corsa System to satisfy even the most demanding customers in terms of dry handling and braking without compromising on wet handling, noise performance and maximised contact patch with the road surface.

An innovative racing tread compound, ensures maximum grip while the use of ultra-light and flexible belts implies a very wide footprint area.

Original Equipment for the road legal racing cars of the most prestigious car producers (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW to name only a few)

Tread pattern

Asimmetrico: Asymmetrical design with the absence of continuous grooves which eliminates the blocky structure of a conventional pattern, a high land/sea ratio and the large external shoulder structure with a minimum number of grooves.