Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

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Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus | Passenger All Season

The Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus tire is a premium performance tire designed for coupes and sedans, and is also functional on mini-vans, crossovers and light SUV's. The tire is designed to deliver versatility in all weather conditions while remaining durable enough to outlast your expectations and not need replacement within the time and mileage you may expect. The tire comes with a 90,000 mile warranty for workmanship and materials. It further offers one of the highest available uniformity warranties for one year or 2/32nds of tread wear. The Pirelli P4 Four Season Plus offers the best compromise of top quality, performance and durability comparative to any other tire on the market.

The tire itself was designed using the latest engineering technology to utilize through CAD planning and computer simulations how best the tire can serve the typical driver. The tread profile is designed to aggressively handle the variants of road conditions while remaining stable and holding its structure throughout usage. This design concept allows the tire to maintain traction and control on the road even at the end of its usable lifetime.

The thick rubber used to construct these tires allow for deep longitudinal grooves which move water out of the way so you can drive safely in wet conditions. The deep tread allows for maximum traction during snow or ice road conditions, while the high silica rubber compound reduces friction to provide better gas mileage and a smoother drive.

Outside of the safety aspects of having great tires, Pirelli also uses the latest technology to provide perfection in engineering. Tires that are built perfect deliver perfection. Computer controlled manufacturing creates tires that are balanced with equal tread, and that provides the ride you want that is smooth and noise free. The symmetry of Pirelli tires is unequalled in the field and allows for perfect balance between your car and the road.

The outer rubber part of the tire that you can see is only the beginning. What really makes a Pirelli tire different than the others is the design of the inside structural elements. Hydroplaning is prevented by the efficient exterior grooves, but also by the weight and traction provided by the double interior twin steel belts. The steel adds a rugged structure to the rubber that helps traction and prevents blowouts or flats with a reinforced structure supported by the strength of steel and the padding of a nylon cord wrap for durability whether pushed or pulled, stretched or compressed.

All told, Pirelli makes top of the line, high end performance tires. Whether you need a performance racing tire or a rugged work tire, Pirelli designs for you. The P4 Four Season Plus tire was designed for the everyday driver that values the quality and safety of a well made tire. No matter what weather or road conditions you face, the Pirelli P4 Four Season Plus tire was designed to suit your needs and exceeds the expectations that design entailed.