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It takes razor-sharp performance to shave close lap times, and that's just what the Nitto NT555RII tire delivers for your muscle car. A computer designed tread pattern minimizes heat buildup and provides responsive steering control along with the type of cornering grip that keeps you in front. Nitto adds a wide contact patch and a tough racing tread compound for equal amounts of lap consistency and tire longevity.


Specialized race compound provides maximum dry traction, heat resistance, longevity, and heat cycle performance

Semi-slick shoulder block tread design further minimizes heat build-up, improves responsiveness, and enhances cornering traction

Tread block rigidity ensures a stable contact patch for various racing conditions

Reinforced sidewall construction provides stability for better steering response and feedback

High modulus polyester carcass and semi-radial body construction further enhance braking, cornering, and straightaway stability