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Kumho Tires Solus KH16

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The Solus KH16 High-Performance Touring tire delivers crisp steering response with outstanding ride comfort and all-season traction that complements modern sedans and sports luxury vehicles. The Solus KH16 offers a performance package that delivers a harmonious balance between ride comfort, noise and performance handling, even in light snow. The size offering covers a wide range of original equipment sizes for sedans, touring sedans and sporty coupes. Look no further, for the Solus KH16 is an excellent choice and substitute for your original equipment tires. Furthermore, the Solus KH16 comes with Kumho Tire's backed 60,000 mile limited tread wear warranty (mileage warranty not valid for original equipment).



Acura 3.2 TL; Buick Terazza; Chrysler 300; Dodge Magnum; Ford 500; Honda Accord, Honda Civic; Mazda 6; Nissan Altima, Nissan Sentra; Toyota Camry