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GT Radial

GT Radial

About GT Radial Tires

GT Radial is owned by Giti Tire, a Singapore headquartered tire company, with eight manufacturing facilities, over 32,000 global employees, and distribution to a market of more than 130 countries. GITI Tire monitors for quality control during every step of the production process.  The final step, before GT Radial tires leave the factory, employs both highly trained visual inspectors and automated inspection machines to detect the slightest defect.

Demand is growing for GT Radial tires in the U.S. and across the globe due to the brand’s unbeatable combination of performance and value. Giti Tire is working hard to meet this demand with seven manufacturing facilities located across China that, in total, produce 137,000 tires each day.

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GT Radial Champiro, Adventuro, Maxtour, Maxmiler and Savero model tires are available to buy now.