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Falken Founded in Japan in 1983, the Falken Tire Company has been on the cutting edge of tire development for racing and daily purpose. Over the course of four decades, the company has presented drivers an affordable option for optimum drive performance and road handling. Falken offers a wide variety of tires for drivers of any type of vehicle, manufacturing passenger tires with all-season and performance capabilities, Light Truck, SUV and Crossover variations, Trailer and other industrial application tires and Original Equipment tires for brands including Audi, Jeep, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes Benz and more. More popular tires the company offers includes the Azenis line for high performance and handling, the Eurowinter for light snow and wet road conditions, the Wildpeak A/T Trail for rugged outdoor driving and CI/ GI/ RI lineup for trailer and application use. Offering high-end performance without breaking the bank, Falken Tire offers drivers an amazing experience for whatever the road has to offer.