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Cooper Zeon RS3-A

Zeon RS3-A

The latest all-season, ultra-high performance tire offered by Cooper is the RS3-A, a dynamically performing tire equipped with a square tread footprint that gives drivers exceptional tire-to-road security in all types of extreme weather.

The RS3-A provides superior advantages over similar tires, including:

Customers purchasing the Zeon RS3-A have reported noting immediately how much smoother and quieter their vehicle rides when equipped with these tires. Smoothness and noise reduction stems from the intermediate grooves to offset shoulder design as well as the more expansive tread elements incorporated in the tires. Two steel belts located inside the tread are wrapped spirally with nylon to strengthen and stabilize at higher speeds. In addition, all RS3-As made by Cooper are backed by a 40,000 mile tread warranty.

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company also recommends rotating tires every 5000 to 8000 miles to maintain even tread and integrity and extend the life of your tires. Even high quality tires like the Cooper Zeon RS3-A require minimal maintenance such as rotating and checking air pressure.

The Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires fit the following vehicles in addition to many others:


Zeon RS3-A