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Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

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The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is a high quality tire designed and manufactured by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring has the benefit of featuring a new generation design that, when coupled with silica construction, provides top notch performance regardless of the season.

Lower Rolling Resistance

That new design and silica construction improves certain integral functions for drivers like braking and also goes a long way towards lowering overall rolling resistance, both of which make for a much more stable ride.

3D Micro-Gauge Grooves

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring also features 3D Micro-Gauge grooves that are built into the tire itself, allowing the treat elements of each tire to interlock with one another. This unique design stabilizes the tread, which allows the tire to prevent slipping and sliding even during adverse weather conditions.

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring also features an asymmetrical tread pattern that has been specifically designed to reduce the type of irregular wear that normally requires tires to be replaced long before they really should be. This asymmetrical tread pattern also allows the tires to be rotated from one side of the car to the other, allowing them to maintain top quality performance and strength for as long as possible.

80,000 Mile Tread Wear Factory Warranty 

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring comes in a wide variety of different sizes that make it ideal for everything from crossover utility vehicles (CUV)  to the smallest hybrid vehicles. The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring also comes with a premium limited warranty that features an 80,000 mile tread wear protection, among other benefits.