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Toyo M143

Toyo M143
Toyo M143
Part #: T562020
Tire Size: 245/70R19.5
Service Description: 136/134N
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: H
Side Wall: Black
FET: 12.29 each
$368.37 each

Set of 4
REGIONAL TO URBAN ALL-POSITION TIRE The M143 is a rugged all-position tire designed for demanding regional and urban delivery service. Wide-belt construction and stable outer ribs contribute to long and even tread wear, while special heat-resistant compounds and stone-ejector grooves support extended tire and casing life. This base, regional to urban pickup and delivery tire combines product performance, application versatility, and a competitive acquisition point for a lower cost per mile, making the M143 a leading value alternative tire.