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Part #: 1330600
Tire Size: 235/50ZR18 97W
Service Description: 97W
UTQG: 180 A A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BLK
OEM Fitment: Jaguar XJ
$262.27 each

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P6000 enhances the capability of existing safety systems on modern cars, by improving the performance of the "footprint", actively responding to changing road surfaces and variable operating temperatures.
The "wave" tread pattern design gives a unique fashionable look to the tyre which, together with the wide central groove, ensures excellent water expulsion.
The comprehensive P6000 size range covers most cars in the medium to high performance segment. The P6000 Powergy is an additional version that expands the already extensive P6000 range, meeting the needs of the latest generation cars for comfort, reduced noise and mileage.
Tread pattern
"Wave" tread design which incorporates almost continuous tread blocks running from the centre to the shoulder of the tyre, separated by water clearing channels.