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Nitto Terra Grappler

NITTO tire
Part #: 200-030
Tire Size: LT295/75R16 D
Service Description: 123Q
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: D (8 Ply)
Side Wall: BLACK
$194.00 each

Set of 4

All-Terrain Light Truck Radial

The Terra Grappler offers year-round all-terrain performance through a balance of wet and dry performance and on-road comfort with minimal road noise. The Terra Grappler All Terrain provides balanced performance in all weather conditions over various terrains.

UTQG Treadwear for P-Metric/Metric Sizes Only: 500
Traction: A
Temperature: B

Multi-Purpose Traction and Handling

The tread pattern void ratio is balanced for off-road traction and on-road handling. Coupling joints between tread block elements reduce excessive flex for better traction and steering response on and off road.

All-Season Performance

Deep sipes and lateral voids effectively channel away water. Siping helps resist hydroplaning by cutting through pockets of water on road surfaces. This technology provides all-season traction.

Off-Road Performance

The lugs on the shoulder are staggered to improve traction in deep sand and loose dirt.