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Mickey Thompson Baja Claw

Mickey Thompson Baja Claw
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw
Part #: 90000000742
Tire Size: 19.5/46-16/6
Service Description: N/A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: 6
Side Wall: Black Wa
$853.15 each

Set of 4

The Baja Claw is designed for extreme off-road driving conditions, including rock crawling, mud, snow, sand, dirt and gravel. The deep, extra large Sidebiters feature uncompromising traction and a cut resistant sidewall. This tire is built for extreme trucks, jeeps, SUVs, rock crawlers and any type of vehicles that need high ground clearance and plenty of traction.


- Aggressive directional tread elements for extraordinary traction .

- Interlocking Shoulder / SideBiter design enhances grip in extreme conditions .

- 46” tall for maximum ground clearance .

- 28/32nds of tread depth for deep rugged off road conditions.