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Ironman All Country M/T

Ironman All Country M/T
Ironman All Country M/T
Part #: 92613
Tire Size: 33X12.50R15/6 108Q
Service Description: 108Q
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: C (6 Ply)
Side Wall: OWL
$175.97 each

Set of 4


• Studdable tread for extra bite in severe weather applications.

• Void ratio effectively promotes self-cleaning capability in muddy conditions.

• 3-ply sidewall on select sizes designated with an asterisk.

• Shoulder blocks easily shovel away mud, silt and sand and provide side-biting traction on off-road surfaces.

• Groove design enhances durability by protecting against stone drilling and puncture.

• Staggered buttress design increases off-road capability and guards against high sidewall cuts and abrasions.

• 3-ply sidewall protects against cutting and tearing in off-road situations.