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Ironman All Country CHT

Ironman All Country CHT
Ironman All Country CHT
Part #: 93709
Tire Size: LT265/75R16/10 123/1
Service Description: 123/120R
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: E (10 Ply)
Side Wall: BLK
$140.68 each

Set of 4

Your go-to ultra high performance tire. With 83 sizes - from 15" to 24" - it covers more car, truck and SUV

fitments than any other UHP tire line. Many unique sizes and a choice of tread patterns for ultimate customization.

Excellent wet and dry traction.


Choice of two great-looking tread patterns, sweet sidewall styling-customized to meet the preferences of all UHP consumers

 Special sport compact sizes engineered for FWD applications; SUV dub and dub-plus sizes engineered to handle truck load capacity requirements; traditional performance sizes as well

Unidirectional racing-influenced tread design

Large CAD-designed tread elements

Deep, wide grooves help speed water evacuation and reduce hydroplaning

Silica-reinforced tread compound

Flat/oval footprint

Rounded shoulder profile

g-Control Sidewall Inserts help resist deflection

Dimensionally stable polyester carcass plies, ETEC System (Equal TEnsion Containment System)

Rim protector


Cutting-edge appearance

Hottest sizes tuned to latest fitment needs

Exceptional dry and wet traction and handling with low noise

Enhanced stability, wear and handling under high torque loads

Confident wet traction

Excellent wet and dry grip (UTQG traction grade=AA)

Enhanced wet grip in shallow water depths; excellent treadwear for an ultra-high performance tire

Improved progressivity and predictability at limit of adhesion

Tremendous cornering force

Excellent strength, smooth ride and consistent footprint; maximized tread contact area maintained under high-speed condition

Improved wheel damage protection

W, Y and V-speed rated; Y-speed rated capable of speeds up to 186 mph