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Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac
Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac
Part #: 312029142
Tire Size: LT325/60R20
Service Description: 126Q
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: E (10 Ply)
Side Wall: BSL
FET: 2.36 each
$410.99 each

Set of 4
Features    Benefits
TractiveGroove Technology   Offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow
Self-cleaning shoulder blocks   Help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction
Highly angled center tread blocks   Help provide enhanced traction and lateral stability while reducing road noise
Mountain Snowflake Symbol   Designation for outstanding winter traction
Rim protector   Helps protect wheels from accidental curb damage
Pinned for #16 metal studs*   Enhanced traction in winter driving conditions


Product Note: The Wrangler DuraTrac has a Rugged Tread Rubber That Helps Resist Tread Block Chipping, Chunking, and Tearing

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little damage

1999 chevy suburban 07/17/2013
2:37 pm




11:35 am

Bought 2 sets for 2 different trucks. Husband very happy with performance in ice and snow. They are a little noisy, but we expected that.


New Shoes for the Tacoma

2012 Toyota Tacoma 07/19/2013
11:36 am

I bought these to replace nearly new OEM tires that failed on my very first venture off road. The new DuraTracs are an inch talled and a bit wider, get much better traction in loose rock and look nicer as well. Road noise is a bit more than the stock "car" tires, but I am very pleased with the new tires and more agressive look.


Good for the Buck

1998 Toyota T100 4X4 01/20/2012
12:00 pm

First if you Drive a F350 you should be using a Load rated E for that truck, Researched the tire and now I own a set Performs like a champ all weathers and with no hesitation! Great on jumps and rocks!



2007 Toyota Tundra 04/11/2014
11:41 am

I love these tires! First off they look sweet. I've gotten many compliments. They do well in off-road. They're great in mud, sand and some serious down pour. I haven't had any problems with them at high speeds/ freeway. I can't wait to see what they will do in snow! They wear well too. The only thing I'm unsure is the comfort. Only b/c I lifted my truck the same time I put them on. So my truck rides a little stiffer but that could be the lift. Overall they're a great tire. Not too loud either.


Soft tires

2008 Ford F350 04/11/2014
11:14 am

I did a lot of research before buying these and read that some people were disappointed with the performance of these tires on the freeway. I thought the tires looked awesome so I overlooked this fact, now I'm bummed. They just don't handle as well as the Goodyear AT's I took off. The truck feels like its wandering.


Powers through sand

2007 Ford Explorer 04/11/2014
11:13 am

I have a lifted Explorer and I've had it in some pretty crazy situations. The Duratrac's definitly helped.


Good Snow Traction

2004 Jeep Wrangler 04/11/2014
11:13 am

I live by Mammoth Mountain, we usually get a decsent amount of snow every winter. So far we haven't had anything deep but from what I've seen the tires do much better than the BFG AT's I took off. The tires look great, I've had at least 2 tourists ask me what kind tire I was running.