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Goodyear Fortera HL

Goodyear Fortera HL
Goodyear Fortera HL
Part #: 151284203
Tire Size: P245/65R17
Service Description: 105S
UTQG: 540 A B
Mileage Warranty: 60,000 miles
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: VSB
$146.99 each

Set of 4


  • Deep blades and grooves
  • Staggered circumferential grooves, curvilinear blades and see-thru grooves
  • Highly buttressed tread block elements
  • Intricate blading in the riding ribs and centerline
  • Optimized tread pattern


  • Help extend tread life without sacrificing performance
  • Enhance forward and lateral traction, and performance in the rain and snow
  • Help provide stable handling and even treadwear
  • Enhance handling, noise reduction and all-season traction
  • Helps provide a quiet ride
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Best Tires!

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee 10/23/2014
2:38 pm

Finally replacing these for the 1st time with 88000 miles on them and 1 (replace now)is considered red with the other 3 considered yellow (replace soon. love the ride and the road handling they provide. Got my 60000 miles plus!


Poor Mileage

2011 Ford Explorer 12/10/2013
10:57 am

even wear, good ride, very poor mileage. Only 25,000 miles and need to be replaced.


Great Tires!

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 10/01/2012
12:22 pm

I simply love these tires! They came on our new Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 and I am looking to buy a new set :) The ride on the highay is quiet and awesome! For Texas mild winters they handle it with no problem in 2 wheel or 4x4


Lousy tires!

2009 Ford Explorer 01/20/2012
12:01 pm

Just hit 30,000 miles and I need my tires replaced! winter is coming and they are NOT ready for the snowy roads. These tires are wearing evenly as I have taken great care in having them rotated as recommended and continually have the tire pressure checked. Would not recommend these to anyone!