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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx OE

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx OE
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx OE
Part #: 265040736
Tire Size: 285/30ZR20
Service Description: 99Y
UTQG: 240 AA A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: XL Extra Load
Side Wall: BLK
$268.00 each

Set of 4


  • Multi-Radius Tread Technology™ distributes pressure evenly over the contact patch and large footprint
  • Twin Hydro-Paddle Technology™ incorporates a directional tread design that helps to rapidly and efficiently drain water out both sides of the tire
  • Integral Rubber Matrix tread compound comprised of an optimized blend of silica and high-structured carbon black
  • Firm, continuous middle rib efficiently transfers lateral forces
  • 5-Pitch Technology™ minimizes subjective and pass-by noise
  • Jointless Band Technology™
  • Max Flange Shield®


  • Helps deliver superb dry handling without sacrificing wet handling
  • Enhances wet handling and deep-water performance
  • Demonstrates excellent acceleration and braking performance
  • Helps provide excellent stability at highway speeds
  • Enhances driving comfort
  • Helps maintain the tire's structural integrity and enables smooth performance at highway speeds
  • Helps protect rims from accidental curb damage