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Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20
Dunlop Grandtrek AT20
Part #: 290105216
Tire Size: P225/60R18
Service Description: 99H
UTQG: 300 B A
Mileage Warranty: 60,000 miles
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BSW
OEM Fitment: Suzuki
$194.91 each

Set of 4


  • VersaLoad Technology™
  • Aggressive all-season tread design
  • Four wide circumferential grooves
  • Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology™
  • Open shoulder design with deep lateral grooves and cross-cut sipes
  • Advanced tread compounding
  • Bead apex design and Dimensionally Stable Polyester™


  • Improves ride comfort and treadlife; helps provide consistent performance in a wide range of loading conditions
  • Helps grip and control in all weather conditions
  • Helps pump water away from the footprint for excellent wet traction
  • Helps reduce noise for a quiet ride
  • Helps deliver all-season traction
  • Balances wet and dry traction with tread wear
  • Helps maintain tire uniformity for a smooth, comfortable ride