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Dick Cepek Trail Country

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Dick Cepek Trail Country
Dick Cepek Trail Country
Part #: 90000002048
Tire Size: 275/60R20
Service Description: 115T
Mileage Warranty: 50,000 miles
Load Range: 4
Side Wall: Black Wa
$215.20 each

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Dick Cepek's Trail Country is a highly powerful, all-terrain M+S rated tire for light trucks and SUVs. This tire is engineered to be tough and reliable in a variety of conditions from street use to off-road driving. The tire is offered in 26 popular sizes.


- Specially designed, interlocking tread elements resist stone retention and automatically adjust to surface changes.

- An advanced five-rib tread pattern transfers energy across surface of the contact patch for responsive handling.

- Primary tread channels use a variable-groove pattern to disperse water, mud and snow away from the tire.