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Cooper Evolution MT

Cooper Evolution MT
Cooper Evolution MT
Part #: 90000034857
Tire Size: LT285/75R16
Service Description: 126/123Q
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: E (10 Ply)
Side Wall: OWL
FET: 2.36 each
$182.09 each

Set of 4

Cooper Evolution M/T | Max Traction Truck/SUV

Cooper Evolution M/T tires can elevate the off-road performance of your truck, SUV and other purpose-built vehicle. With these mud terrain tires installed, your vehicle can remain surefooted and moving forward across all dirt, mud and gravel surfaces. Their tough silica compounds and protective design elements help ensure these tires resist damage and remain in good condition as you handle your daily tasks. The deep, rugged tread on these tires not only extends their service life, but also elevates the appearance of your vehicle.


  • Tough silica compounds protect against cuts and chips while traveling off-road
  • High-strength two-ply sidewalls allow for superb stability over challenging surfaces
  • Extra large tread blocks dig into the soft ground to gain steady footing and momentum
  • Stone barriers along the tread blocks eject rocks and other debris to maintain traction
  • Grip elements along the sidewall improve traction while moving over rocks and wood debris


Cooper designed their Evolution M/T tires to outperform the rest while moving across mud, gravel and dirt surfaces. The knobby tread blocks, wide trenches and stone barrier elements, these tires can propel large trucks and similar vehicles across the muddiest of lands. They maintain their exceptional performance characteristics through all weather conditions, including heavy rain and light snow. These tires even allow for the placement of optional winter studs in the strategically-placed holes for steady traction over icy and snowy surfaces.

Size and Fit

Available in sizes up to 35 inches tall, Cooper Evolution M/T tires will give your truck or other off-road vehicle the perfect footprint. These tough mud terrain tires fit on 15 to 20 inch rims to support a variety of off-road bound vehicles. To find the ideal fitment for your vehicle, you can partner with your trusted tire retailer for support. They will provide recommendations on the best mud tire size to acquire for your ride.

If you are ready to maximize the performance of your vehicle on mud, dirt and gravel surfaces, choose Cooper Evolution M/T tires. These mud terrain tires will ensure you can get all your work done without any fuss – and while maintaining traction on the most challenging driving surfaces.