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Cooper Evolution HT

Cooper  Evolution HT
Cooper Evolution HT
Part #: 90000032216
Tire Size: 235/75R15
Service Description: 109T
UTQG: 600 A B
Mileage Warranty: 60,000 miles
Load Range: XL Extra Load
Side Wall: OWL
$99.68 each

Set of 4

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The Evolution H/T is designed to deliver a comfortable ride, responsive handling, and all-season traction for 60,000 miles. A number of key features are integrated into the tire to give you confidence on wet or dry pavement, whether you're stopping at an intersection, steering around a bend, or just trying to enjoy the ride.

Quiet tread design - Unique positioning of tread elements minimizes tire noise. 

Modern Tread Profile - Modern silica tread compound and tread profile provide even wear and a long tread life.

Coupled Tread Elements - Provide tread block stability for precise handling.

3D Micro Gauge Siping - Full depth and variable sipe density helps maintain wet traction and stability.

Stabiledge Performance - Enhances handling and dry traction stability.

Hydroplane Resistance - Wide water channels allow water to be evacuated away from the tread area.