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Cooper True North

Cooper True North
Cooper True North
Part #: 90000029752
Tire Size: 235/55R19XL
Service Description: 105H
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: XL Extra Load
Side Wall: BLK
$170.99 each

Set of 4

Cooper Discoverer True North | Winter Radial

Passenger vehicles that routinely drive on icy, slushy and snowy roadways can benefit from a new set of Cooper Discoverer True North tires. With their optimized wet and dry performance, these winter tires can help ensure you remain comfortable and secure on all your cold weather travels. The exceptional build quality and materials maximize the performance and durability of these on-road tires. The purpose-built tread blocks help reduce road noise, while high density siping boosts traction and minimizes the risk of hydroplaning.


  • Winter compounds for exceptional performance through ice and snow
  • Snow groove technology for superb traction in snowy weather
  • Coupled silica materials increase traction on icy surfaces
  • Deep circumferential grooves quickly evacuate water on the roadway
  • Zigzag siping helps to boost stability down straights and around corners


Cars, minivans, crossovers and sports utility vehicles can all benefit from the Cooper Discoverer True North tires. These winter tires offer superior traction on slippery surfaces, including over black ice. These tires perform best when used on roadways that are regularly plowed or treated to minimize snow accumulation. These tires help boost the performance of your vehicle on both wet and dry on-road surfaces. Their M+S rating makes them an excellent choice for regular commutes through all types of winter weather.  

Size and Fit

Cooper released over 17 different sizes of their Discoverer True North tires for 16 to 19-inch rims. Across all these sizes, available rim widths range from 5.5 to 9.5 inches. With help from your trusted tire retailer, you can likely find the perfect fit for your passenger vehicle. Your tire retailer will help you find the tires that will fit your vehicle and rim size the best.

If you want your vehicle to perform at its best all winter long, consider Cooper Discoverer True North tires. With these winter tires installed on your ride, you can easily complete all your cold weather drives with confidence.