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Cooper Discoverer ATW

Cooper Discoverer ATW
Cooper Discoverer ATW
Part #: 90000022206
Tire Size: 255/75R17
Service Description: 115S
UTQG: 560 B B
Mileage Warranty: 50,000 miles
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BLK
$156.10 each

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Severe Snow Flake CertificationMade in USA

The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is a severe weather rated tire that offers high performance throughout the entire year. Whether you're driving on or off the road, you can expect this all-terrain and all-weather tire to ride quietly and, best of all, smooth. Best known for its winter traction, the Discoverer A/TW will allow your vehicle to move through snow and slush easily. However, while it is great in winter, it is just as great in all types of weather. Not only does it have great traction, but also superior handling for maximum control. Combine that with a hard tread and you increase your fuel efficiency with this type of tire. This tire offers a longer tread life that is built to withstand all types of weather. The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is backed with a 50,000 mile warranty. 


  • Self-cleaning groves:
    Helps to increase performance and uses offsets in order to improve snow and slush traction.
  • Snowgroove 2.0:
    Creates better traction in the snow with these unique grooves
  • Asymmetric dual-draft groove angles:
    Reduces the tire's ability to retain stones and rocks in its grooves
  • Twin tie-bars:
    Helps to reduce noise and offer better handling as well as a longer tread life 
  • Optimized, Silica-Fortified Tread Compound:
    Retains and enhances all-terrain performance while increasing wet grip and winter traction capabilities without sacrificing tread wear.
  • Aggressive Buttress Design:
    Resists abrasions and provides reliable soft surface and snow traction.
  • Wide, Stable Center Rib:
    Promotes excellent stability, confident handling and responsiveness, especially in adverse weather such as slush, snow or ice.  The center-rib tread elements provide great grip while standing up to harsh on and off-road driving conditions.

It exceeds the standards set to achieve a severe winter rating. It offers 10% more acceleration grip compared to a benchmark tire. Its micro-gauge corrugated siping offers biting edges that are important for traction on snow and ice. This keeps you protected during some of the worst weather of the year. The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is designed expertly so that it can move in rocks, soil, mud, snow and ice efficiently. The Cooper Discoverer A/TW is a must-have tire for any driver wanting added protection all year long.