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BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2
Part #: 15496
Tire Size: LT255/75R17
Service Description: 111/108Q
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: C (6 Ply)
Side Wall: BSW
$208.00 each

Set of 4

A combination of outstanding off-road traction, robust construction and agressive aesthetics that provide race-proven performance.


  • Aggressive New Looks
  • Krawler-TEK Sidewall
  • Exciting New Sizes


  • Krawler-inspired tread design with great looks and dual grooving pattern for incredible on-off road performance. More transverse and linear flex zones across tread improves off-road traction. Large sidewall lugs add muscle to the sidewall and improve traction in soft soil conditions.*
  • Large and thick sidewall lugs increases sidewall strength. New sidewall rubber compound is more resistant to cutting and tearing; BFGoodrich Tires' TriGard, 3-ply construction has cords that are up to 33% stronger that increase sidewall strength* 
  • New sizes that are up to 42 inches in diameter; more sizes with 17 inch and larger rims; increased market coverage* 
*Compared to Radial Mud-Terrain T/A® KM2
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2012 Toyota Hilux and 4 Runner 11/04/2014
12:33 pm

The BF Goodrich tire Mud Terrain T/A KM2 was an excellent tire. Excellent rough road tire for comfort and durability. Excellent handling in both wet and dry condition. The tread was designed and made for its purpose.


Great deal

1989 Land Rover Range Rover 04/10/2014
11:00 am

Great tire from a great dealer


Good 33

2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 07/17/2013
2:44 pm

I bought these because they were the only true 33" for a 17" rim; mine are LT255 80 17 "E"-range They make little road hum even with top and doors off. Handle fairly well on the road for a mud tire, and handle light mud very well. They definitely look better than the stock BFG Mud-Terrains, though fuel economy does suffer slightly due to increase weight and slightly increased diameter (32-1/4" at 40psi).



11:12 am




2:49 pm




1982 Jeep CJ7 07/17/2013
3:01 pm

The only bad thing about this tire is the lack of a rim flange protector.


KM2 255/80/17

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 07/17/2013
3:16 pm

Great performing tires on and off road. I went with the narrow tall profile for mud and rock performance. If you plan on sand or soft soil offloading I would recommend a wider tire. The tread on this tire is tough and can take the roughest terrain. The sidewal is tough but not very puncture resistant due to it only being 3ply. The positive side of that is the side wall has great flex when aired down. I prefer this tire off road and on compared to the Goodyear kevlars.


35 x 12.5 x 17 KM2

2008 Jeep 2Dr Wrangler Rubicon 12/10/2013
11:14 am

The tires have been great and the customer service at Tire Crawler was excellent, Thanks Denny!



1982 Jeep Cj7 03/11/2013
3:14 pm

Good tire but needs the rim flange protector like the previous M/T or the BFG All-terrain. I like the tires but will not buy another set because of this.


BFG Mud Terrains

2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser 10/01/2012
11:50 am

Excellent tire. No problems whatsoever with the tire. Wish I would have gone with a larger size for aesthetics but these are the stock size and work perfectly.


bfg km2s

1995 jeep grand cherokee 10/01/2012
11:56 am

some of the best tires i have han on a jeep great handle amazing off road not to bad wet traction and they did very well in the snow



2011 Ram Power Wagon 10/01/2012
12:18 pm




2001 Jeep Wrangler 10/01/2012
12:25 pm

Thank you for your support.


Great M/T

2002 Ford F-150 01/20/2012
12:19 pm

I have about 8k on them so far. Tires are extremely quiet for an m/t (I have had all terrains that were louder.) Excellent both on and off road. They cope great with both mud and sand. I expect these tires to last 40,000+ miles. Everyone claims that the Toyo M/T is the best riding and quietest tire... there wrong. Highly recommend!


Awesome tires

2007 Jeep Grnd Cherokee limited 01/20/2012
11:53 am

Awesome tires wears well and extremely low road noise very satisfied with everything


km2 tires

2006 jeep wrangler unllimited 01/20/2012
11:44 am

really good tires am pleased with product, would buy again


365 KM2's

1994 Toy LandCruiser 08/23/2011
10:07 am

For a MT tire, performance and handling exceeds expectation. Driving comfort for this tire may be more toward the noise department granted that I am running a lot of rubber, it is much more quieter than most MT in its class. For this big of a tire, I do require more visits to the balancing shop and do not expect tread wear any more than 30k.


Good tires, good service

9:59 am

KM2's are bulletproof as always.



1996 jeep cherokee 04/14/2014
2:11 pm

The 10:50 size tucks under the stock fenders perfect (with 6 inch lift). Unbelievable traction in our Arizona rock and sand.



1999 Jeep Cherokee 04/14/2014
2:10 pm

I ve purchased a set of the new KM2 mud-terrains... i live in northern Utah and as of right now we still have snow up in the mountains canyons where i spend a lot of time... i took my Cherokee up their after a snow storm a few weeks ago and put the KM2's to the test!! the snow was up to my doors i'm in a completely stock cherokee and it muscled it way through the deep snow and mud with no problem! I'm impressed with the performance thus far! i ve also drivin on the dunes of Southern Utah no problems... these tries perform great in all the conditions i ve been in... they are good on the high way as well as long as i keep it at 75 mph the KM2's noise is not that bad! great tires look awesome handle great will most likely be my choice of mud-tire in the future!



1986 Toyota IFS 4x4 04/14/2014
1:58 pm

To tell you the truth I was skeptical before making this purchace. I have Owned my Toyota for 14 YEARS and have bolstered 3 sets of tires.... For a Light Truck Or Jeep the BFG KM2 is the only tire that I Will ever put on this truck.... I no Longer lock the Hubs. The Trac and dig of the KM2 is so Great you will no longer need 4 wheel drive. I still have the factory Nubs on the tire after a 1500 mile round trip to Norther Cali.... all while at about 75 mph freeway....On a Jeep Or Light Truck i cant see Wearing these out.... I do some major digging here in the Great Gen State. The KM2 is my Key to Adventure


good tires

4:32 pm

I love the new BFG MT. They can't be beat.



2005 jeep wrangler 04/11/2011
4:32 pm

outstanding tire.



1996 Ford f-150 04/14/2014
1:47 pm

The mud terrains are a good mud tire. If you run them on the street for any length of time they start to chop they need to be rotated every 3,000 miles or your screwed.