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BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT
BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT
Part #: 41437
Tire Size: 265/65R17 112T
Service Description: 112T
UTQG: 740 A B
Mileage Warranty: 65,000 miles
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BSW
$175.99 each

Set of 4

BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT | All Season, All Purpose


  • Up to 30% better snow traction than leading competitors, exceeding RMA Severe Snow Traction performance requirements[1] 9% better hydroplaning performance[2] Locking 3-D Active Sipe Technology provides more biting edges for significantly increased wet and light snow traction. Advanced All-Season Tread Compounds are silica-infused compounds to deliver outstanding grip year round. Aqua-Flume™ Technology is a curvilinear groove network designed to disperse water from under the contact patch. 


  • Up to 20,000 more miles with the Advantage T/A Sport LT[3] Optimized Footprint manages tread wear evolution for longer life and a quiet ride. Locking 3-D Active Sipe Technology designed to lock together under tire's footprint providing stability for longer wear. Full Depth Tread Features maintain consistent performance and look throughout the life of the tire 


  • 10% better handling[4] Next Generation ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System) maintains optimal footprint shape during cornering and high speed situations+. Next Generation g-Wedge Sidewall Stabilizer™ stabilizes sidewall for crisp handling and comfortable ride. Continuous Center Rib provides consistent steering response and road feel.