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Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT

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Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT
Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT
Part #: 90000032594
Tire Size: LT245/70R17
Service Description: 119/116S
Mileage Warranty: 60,000 miles
Load Range: E (10 Ply)
Side Wall: OWL
$188.99 each

Set of 4

Cooper Discoverer AT3LT | All-Season, All-Terrain

The Discoverer AT3LT with Durable Tread Technology hauls heavy loads with less wear and is built to withstand ongoing assault from dirt and gravel.

  • Superior durability in Cut and Chip conditions*
  • BEST-IN-CLASS LT-metric tire warranty of 60K miles.**
  • Stops on average at least 10 feet shorter on wet roads.***

45-Day Road Test
60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty on LT-Metric Sizes

Even Wear Arc Technology -- Tire shape engineered to strategically balance pressure at the tire-to-road contact area promoting even on-road treadwear and superior handling.

Whisper Grooves -- The "Whisper Groove" provides a sound barrier that reduces road noise.

Stone Ejector Ledges -- Ledges easily eject stones and gravel, protecting the tire from stones drilling into carcass and maintaining a clean tread for enhanced road traction. 

*  Based on 8K mile road test involving a controlled sharp flint surface.  Test was conducted via 3rd party fleet service in April 2018.  AT3 LT-Metric tires and two different leading All-Terrain LT-Metric tire lines were tested with identical vehicles and road conditions.  Individual rough road results may vary.
**  Based on warranties stated on manufacturer websites for the All-Terrain tires listed in the leading U.S. online tire ratings sites in April 2018.
***  Based on the average of five separate 60 to 0 mph wet braking tests conducted by 3rd part on U.S. test track in April 2018.  Four leading All-Terrain tire lines were tested with new tires, identical vehicles and the same test conditions over the same time period.  Individual on-road results may vary.