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Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS

Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS
Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS
Part #: 011136
Tire Size: 215/45R17
Service Description: 91W
Mileage Warranty: 45000 miles
Load Range: XL Extra Load
Side Wall: BW
$132.05 each

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About Bridgestone Potenza RE97AS

Ultra High Performance | All Season

ROAD-GRIPPING PERFORMANCE FOR ALL SEASONS - If you are looking for a tire that combines the thrill of road-gripping performance with the comfort of a quiet ride, the Potenza RE97AS is the ideal choice for you. It gives you long wear life without sacrificing the control and precise handling of a performance tire. It’s the best of both worlds–the high performance you expect and the smooth quiet ride you need.

Finely Tuned Tread Pattern - Improves steering response
High Silica Content - Provides confident wet performance.
Latest Tread Polymer Technology - Improves wear performance
Optimized Casing - Improves rolling resistance for better gas mileage

55,000 Mile/90,000 Kilometer (V-Rated) Treadwear Limited Warranty*
45,000 Mile/70,000 Kilometer (W-Rated) Treadwear Limited Warranty*
Platinum Pact 3-Year Limited Warranty*
Buy & Try 30-Day Guarantee*

* Please refer to the appropriate Tire Limited Warranty booklet for complete limited warranty details. See each warranty at your authorized Bridgestone retailer for details and restrictions.