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Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus

Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus
Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus
Part #: 90000002934
Tire Size: 275/55R20
Service Description: 117T
UTQG: 460 A B
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: XL Extra Load
Side Wall: BLK
$141.99 each

Set of 4

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Product Overview

The Discoverer H/T Plus is an extension of Cooper's Discoverer H/T SUV/light truck touring line that features sport truck and original equipment sizing in a non-directional, S- or T-rated platform. It provides an excellent replacement for the 20-inch original equipment fitments on full-size pickups and SUVs as well as plus fitments for drivers seeking to upgrade the looks and handling of their vehicles.


"See through" grooves, wide lateral traction slots and high sipe density provide excellent all-weather performance.


Industry-wide, typically, the same pitch sequence is applied throughout a tire line. But the Discoverer H/T Plus varies the number of shoulder elements based on tire size which reduces noise frequency, allowing a quiet ride in large diameter sizes.

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2006 Chevy Trailblazer SS 10/29/2014
9:43 am

tire is very good for price


awesome tires

2012 nissan frontier sv v6 10/23/2014
2:18 pm

Changed the appearance of my truck. The tires are not loud and can handle corners well. Huge difference from stock tires. Great deal on them from tirecrawler. Great service too. Will buy again


Great Tire

2006 NISSAN TITAN 08/01/2014
2:41 pm

On my 2nd set. Best tire for the money hands down.


Great Tire

2011 Ford F150 04/10/2014
1:26 pm

Great All weather tire, exceptional in snow. Load capacity is much better than OEM


Nice Tire

10:59 am

I was using Vogue Tires and these are better in all aspects



2013 CHEV SILVERADO 04/10/2014
10:59 am



It's time for a new set

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 07/16/2013
4:16 pm

I can't believe I already have 60K miles on these babies. Between hauling hay and getting horses to & from the track, it seems time has just flown by. They performed exceptionally well during the winter too. I'll be buying another set of these.



2011 Dodge Ram 1500 07/17/2013
2:51 pm

Great tires, would purchase again.


Great Tire

2006 Mazda Tribute 08/12/2014
11:30 am

Great ride and handling from these Cooper Tires. Tire had the best price by far! Will use them for all my future tire purchases. Fast and efficient purchase process and had the tires in 2 days!


Excellent tire

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 03/11/2013
3:16 pm

Oem goodyears on my Ram were worn, noisy and causing pull at 20k miles. I have never had tires ware out so quick. I purchased a set of Cooper discovery H/T pluses based upon favorable reviews. I could not be happier with them. truck tracks strait, firm yet smooth ride even steers much better. Recent heavy rain here in Las Vegas was no problem, truck handled like a cat stuck to the rug where the goodyears were like driving in a skating rink. Unknown treadware at this time, was told to expect 40k from them not great but for the price you cant go wrong with these. Highly recommended!


Good Shopping Experience

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 08/12/2014
12:11 pm

Found this sight while researching replacement tires. The online shopping experience was very user friendly and the delivered tires all within a few days! As for the tires, they are a big improvement over the original tires especially in the traction catagory. My overall experience is I am one satisfied customer.


Cooper Tires

2003 Dodge ram 1500 08/12/2014
2:32 pm

I have been driving on the tires for about 4 months. The tire os very quiet and handles well. It gives a big beefy wide appearance to my truck, which I like.



1999 Ford Expedition 10/01/2012
12:20 pm

We can't complain at all about these tires. Sheila has a residential/commercial cleaning business and is on the road every day and puts over 300 miles a week on these tires. Haven't had a bit of problems with them and looks like we will be purchasing another set of these in a couple of weeks. Thanks for making a "outstanding" tire for the money!



2001 Acura Mdx 10/01/2012
12:31 pm

Since the time they were mounted on to the mdx I've been satisfied not only do they look great they handle even better next set of tires will be through you guys you guys are awesome thanks again


Decent tire

2004 Dodge Ram1500 04/30/2012
3:10 pm

I have two of these with about 45K miles on them. Love the tread pattern and the ride comfort. They hold the road well also. I generally don't drive aggressively. Just average driving. I've rotated them twice in this time and keep the tire pressure in check. Its time to replace them already because they are past the wear marks. I expected to get more life out of the Coopers; Say about 60K miles. More frequent rotation is required.


very satisfied

2007 Chevy Silverado 04/11/2014
12:21 pm

I have always driven a more aggressive 10ply tread. The H/T Plus is quiet. The tire handles excellent in a heavy rain and light snow. The tread wear has been good with rotation every 8K miles and checking tire pressure. I have 25K on this set and have not noticed any wear. Look to take the set to 80K


Great Tires

2006 Dodge Ram1500 04/11/2014
11:41 am

I pull a horse trailer & am always hauling hay. I bought these Coopers because I needed a tire that could handle a heavier load. I liked the tread pattern & it looks like they should handle good in light snow as well. I haven't done a snow test yet, but winter is right around the corner. They have been performing really well, especially when some bone-head doesn't care that you have a billion pounds of weight behind you and cuts you off. The traction has been tested a few times and performed well. My only issue is I have to air them up quite frequently. But, that's a small price to pay if they keep performing the way they have been.