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Continental ContiSportContact 3

Continental ContiSportContact 3
Continental ContiSportContact 3
Part #: 03500410000
Tire Size: 235/45R17
Service Description: 94W
UTQG: 280 AA A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BLK
OEM Fitment: Mercedes E-CLASS C/C
$120.57 each

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The ContiSportContactâ„¢ 3 is original equipment on many of today's most prestigious vehicles such as Porsche and Jaguar.  The tire's special high performance tread design really improves how the tire corners and its overall stability and handling.  

The ContiSportContactâ„¢ 3 is quite too.  Its tread design is specially enhanced to reduce cabin noise.  

It handles great, it's quiet, and looks good too. 

DW: Dry and Wet