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Continental ContiSportContact 2

Continental ContiSportContact 2
Continental ContiSportContact 2
Part #: 03502800000
Tire Size: 255/40R17
Service Description: 94V
UTQG: 280 AA A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: BLK
$190.44 each

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Designed specifically for luxury sedans and sports cars, the ContiSportContactâ„¢ 2 has been methodically engineered to provide incredible traction and steering response when needed. 

The special bionic tread compound and contour technologies combine seamlessly with the ContiSportContactâ„¢ 2 tread design to greatly enhance braking capabilities even in wet conditions. With the most grip it can get and a smooth quiet ride, the ContiSportContactâ„¢ 2 is a great tire for enthusiasts who love driving and getting what they can from their vehicle.

DW:  Dry and Wet