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Toyo Proxes RR

Toyo Proxes RR
Toyo Proxes RR
Part #: T255100
Tire Size: 275/40ZR17
Service Description: N/A
UTQG: 40 C A
Mileage Warranty: N/A
Load Range: N/A
Side Wall: Black
$286.02 each

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DOT Competition Tire.

The Proxes RR is a DOT competition tire designed for dry tracks. With consistent lap times and predictable handling, it is ideal for NASA and SCCA road racing, track days and high-performance driving schools. 

The symmetric 2-groove tread design and special tread compound provide a maximum contact patch and ultimate dry traction with superior cornering force.

It comes off the shelf in race-ready condition with a 4/32nds depth tread, no shaving required.

*Caution: Recommended for competition events only.