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About Lexani Tires

Lexani is one of the premier manufacturers of performance, off-road and passenger tires based in Irwindale, CA. 

Lexani performance tires provide uncompromised performance for driving enthusiasts who desire the ability to realize to the fullest the dynamic sport handling attributes of their vehicles. With applications in the key performance sizes, whether you drive a Mercedes or a BMW, Honda or a Toyota.

The Lexani Mud Beast’s all out maximum traction provides off road drivers the ability to scale rocky terrain in addition to just about anything nature can throw its way! Unsurpassed off road performance in rain, sleet, mud or snow, with its beefed up sidewall and tread protection, this tire also provides minimal noise, a comfortable ride and a price point off road enthusiasts will appreciate. The Lexani Mud Beast’s awesome tread, sidewall & shoulder treatment will set your vehicle apart from the crowd and make a clear statement that you are now destined to rule the road, whatever that road may be.

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Lexani LXUHP, LX, LXHT, LXTR and Mud Beast model tires are available to buy now.