27 Nov

Go Back in Time with These Old-Fashioned Road Trip Tips

With GPS at the wheel, road trips are just not the wild and crazy fun times they used to be. As digital tools lead you to and from your target destinations, you may miss out on truly exciting excursions along the way. Thankfully, you can roll back the clock by taking an old-fashioned approach to your road trips. You can do so by using the following tips to keep your spring and summer road trip as spontaneous as possible.

Resist the Urge to Research

To go on an awesome road trip, all you really only need to know your target destination. Before smartphones and computers and all those other high-tech gadgets, people just had to plot their course on a paper map and hope that nothing has changed. With the rare exception, they definitely did not do intensive research on all the landmarks and other sights along the way, marking them down on the itinerary. Researching your route really just takes all the fun out of it, so skip the intense planning and just see where the road takes you.

Remain Flexible with Your Route

As you gaze at the paper map and select your starting route, do not etch your plans in stone. Remain flexible and ready for anything to make the most out of your road trips. Look for billboards and other signs that point you to the most interesting attractions that pique your interest. Remain open to taking side roads and other alternate routes to get a change of view and expand your horizons. When you find a notable road or landmark, use a pen to permanently mark it on your map for later trips.

Make Unplanned Stops a Priority

When you see somewhere you want to go, make it a priority to stop. Do not plan to go on the way back or another time, simply take that exit and go. You will likely need to add a lot of extra time to your travels to allow for these stops, but they are well worth it. You can explore the local trails, take pictures with fun landmarks and eat at all of the greatest restaurant you come across by following the signs you see. As you explore every facet of the route ahead, you can make great memories and enjoy what made road trips really great back in the day.  

Bond with Fellow Travelers

Before staring at smartphones was a societal staple and preferred pastime, it was widely accepted and encouraged to bond with your fellow travelers. As you see your fellow travelers at rest stops and landmarks, break the ice by asking about their favorite routes, landmarks and activities to enjoy along the way. Share your stories and take the time to hear theirs before hitting the road anew, knowing you made great connections with likeminded individuals.

Bring a Film Camera

Nothing adds an air of nostalgia more than documenting your trip with a film camera. Whether you choose an instant print camera or one you have to develop later, the film will give your road trip photos the vintage effect you seek. Although you might have to practice getting the picture just right without a preview, your efforts will pay off in the long run in the form of timeless photos of your days of fun.

With these tips, you can sail back in time and enjoy road trips like you never have before. Take the time to ditch the modern amenities to take it back to easier times and simply enjoy going with the flow.  

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