22 Jul

Drifting and The GT Radial Champiro SX2

Upon entering the global drift scene with great success, GT Radial cemented their Champiro SX2 line as the drift tires of choice. With their predictable performance, durable construction, and affordable pricing, these tires have found themselves on the most capable (and awe-inspiring) drift machines to ever grace the world with their presence. So, if you are looking for the perfect affordable, yet capable, tires for your drift machine, these are it. Here’s what you need to know before you pick up a set.   

Top Reasons to Use GT Radial Champiro SX2 Tires for Drifting

In creating the Champiro SX2, GT Radial went above and beyond in designing a tire built to outperform the rest in drift circuits around the world. Their efforts definitely panned out in the three following ways.     

Predictable Handling

After winning the first Formula DRIFT championship for GT Radial, Chelsea Denofa shared the glory with his SX2 tires, thanking their predictable handling for his incredible performance. The stellar handling characteristics of these tires come from their innovative design elements, including extra wide shoulder blocks and a broad center rib. The silica tread compounds and gradient step design keep heat generation to a minimum, ensuring these tires perform predictably from the beginning to end of every run.

Durable Construction

As noted by Formula DRIFT star, Tyler Wolfson, the Champiro SX2 tires have the durability to last run after run rather than needing regular replacement like the competitors’ do. As they are 200 treadwear rated tires, they offer the best balance of traction and durability, making them a sure choice for the drift track. Their soft compounds are not known to shred or lose chunks, even as they approach the end of their service life.

Affordable Price Point

GT Radial set the price point for their Champiro SX2 tires at an affordable level, helping keep drifters on the track more often and for far longer than their competitors’ can. In fact, you can often pick up a full set of these tires for about half the price of Dunlop or Hankook tires of similar quality. When you factor in their supreme durability, you can see how running SX2 tires will keep more money in your pocket through every drift season.

Where to Get Your Next Set of GT Radial Drifting Tires

You can join the likes of Chelsea Denofa, Tyler Wolfson, and other drift legends by equipping your ride with Champiro SX2 tires by GT Radial. The affordable price, durable build, and predictable handling will undoubtedly delight you through all the twists and turns that come your way. Reach out to our team at Tire Crawler with a call to 1-888-396-5261 to learn about these tires and many more performing at their limits in the drifting world.   

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