14 Feb

3 Benefits of Acquiring New Passenger Car Tires

New passenger car tires can do a whole lot more than simply look phenomenal and elevate the appearance of your vehicle. With a new set of tires, you can also improve the ride quality, gas mileage and traction of your ride. Explore these three benefits of acquiring new passenger car tires to why it might be time for an upgrade.

Ride Quality

As tires wear, especially if the wear does not occur evenly, the ride quality of the vehicle tends to plummet. The ride may feel harsh and choppy over the mildest of surfaces as the tires struggle to track properly along the roadway. With the replacement of your old, worn tires, you can restore the smooth ride quality of your vehicle in an instant.

Gas Mileage

Uneven tire wear can increase the rolling resistance of your tires, causing your vehicle’s gas efficiency to decrease. The high rolling resistance can also increase strain on your powertrain and potentially cost you money in repairs in the future. You can save yourself money, then and now, by replacing your tires at the first sign of excessive wear.


With a new set of tires, you can optimize your vehicle’s traction, increasing its ability to traverse challenging surfaces with ease. The efficient tread patterns offer a biting edge that grabs onto the roadway and keeps you confidently moving forward.

Acquiring New Tires for Your Tire

If you want to replace your passenger car tires, you can acquire a new set from your trusted tire retailer, Tire Crawler. We offer the leading tires for passenger cars of all kinds. Our tires can ensure your vehicle retains a firm grip on the road while offering great gas mileage and ride quality characteristics. To get started in finding your perfect tires, browse our available options for your specific vehicle, make and model.

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