19 Apr

3 Benefits of Acquiring Mud Terrain Tires for Your Rig

To make the most of your off-road adventures, you can install mud terrain tires on your rig. With these tires, you can tackle most types of terrain without breaking a sweat. Their aggressive appearance and durable construction will leave you more than satisfied with your off-road truck build. Explore the three benefits of acquiring mud terrain tires for your rig to see why this option might work for you.

Purpose-Built for Off-Roading

Although all-terrain tires can take you far, mud terrain designs take that performance to the next level. These purpose-built tires excel in traversing across all types of terrain, including deep mud and loose dirt. The deep ridges eject mud, dirt and debris to maintain traction on challenging surfaces and over tough obstacles.  

Durable Construction

Mud terrain tires have much thicker sidewalls than all-terrain designs to better protect against sharp outcroppings and debris. The sidewalls may also have biting edges integrated into the design for improved traction over slick obstacles. The durable construction can help extend the life of your tires despite your intense off-road travels.

Aggressive Appearance

Perhaps the most endearing thing about mud terrain tires is their aggressive appearance. The blocky tread and rugged design of mud terrain tires tends to attract much attention from all passersby. With the installation of these tires, you can elevate the look of your off-road vehicle and make its appearance match its performance. With mud terrain tires on your rig, you can take off on the adventures of a lifetime without a care in the world. To learn about the mud terrain tires available for off-road vehicles of all kinds, click on the links below or browse the selection from Tire Crawler. We carry all major off-road tire brands and list them at a truly affordable

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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
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Toyo Open Country M/T
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Repulsor RBP M/T RX
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General Grabber X3

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