18 Jun

I want to buy your tires, but where do I install them?

I want to buy your tires, but where do I install them?

Good question.

If you reside in Southern California, Tirecrawler has 17 installers for you to choose from.  However, if you are one of the 300 million Americans who don’t live in SoCal, it may be a problem getting to Los Angeles to fit your vehicle.
Tire Mounting Machine
You’re part of the majority, the other 300 million people who don’t live in the southwestern corner of the country and are unwilling to drive overnight for an install.  You are going to have to find a shop to mount and balance your new set of tires.  Obviously, it may rankle the shop you’ve been doing business with for years to just show up with a set of tires you bought on the web.  So, if you plan on using your favorite reliable old tire shop, I suggest calling them to find out the cost and see if it’s okay to bring in your own tires to install.  Since most shops want to sell you the tires, they will probably charge a little more to mount and balance when you bring your own as opposed to when they are selling them to you.  However, they still want to sell you the installation labor in addition to a wheel alignment and any other services they offer, so it shouldn’t really be an issue.  Ask them if you can have us ship the tires directly to their facility and save you the steps of receiving and transporting the products.  We have many clients who do exactly that.  By shipping to commercial address, you also have a less expensive shipping cost because FedEx doesn’t charge as much to ship to a business with a commercial address.

Don’t have a place you normally go?    Yelp is a wonderful tool.  I’ve used Yelp to find many services with reasonable success. Especially when I have no experience with the situation.  You can always ask a trusted friend or relative to refer you to a shop they trust and do business with.  Once again, ask them if you can ship to them directly to save you time and facilitate your install.

The real key here is having a place you can go where you are comfortable enough to let them do the work.

The funny thing is, I’ve had a lot of folk ask me if I have installers all over the country.  I’ve seen a few online sellers who use large retailers for their installer network, and it always makes me wonder, “Where are you sending this person, do you have any real knowledge of the shop other than they are part of a chain of stores?”  It’s probably safe to assume the answer is no.


5 easy steps to save money with Tire Crawler

  1. Find a reputable place to install your shiny new tires.
  2. Buy your tires and save money at Tire Crawler.
  3. Tell us to ship your shiny new tires to your installer.
  4. Install your new tires.
  5. Drive away happy with the extra money you save secure in your wallet.