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31X10.50R15 | Cooper Discoverer STT

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Cooper Discoverer STT
31X10.50R15 109Q 109Q
C (6 Ply) OWL

Product Description

When you drive a light truck and need to head off the beaten path from time to time, you need a tire that will withstand what the trails throw your way. The Cooper Discoverer STT is Cooper's premium off road tire for light truck, SUV, Jeep and off-road vehicle use. These tires are versatile and are made for a variety of applications. The Discoverer STT is perfect for your personal truck or SUV, but are made to withstand commercial use as well.

As with every Cooper tire, this tire is made with long-lasting materials and the best manufacturing processes. The Cooper Discoverer STT tire is also made with Cooper's patented ArmorTek3 construction process. Cooper makes each of these tires with two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply. This gives the tire three heavy-duty plies to protect from punctures and other damage. The tread also extends further down the sidewall to increase traction and grip in those off-road situations where you need a little extra hold.

Cooper tires consistently receive high safety ratings, and the Discoverer STT is no exception. This tire is great on pavement, off-road and in inclement weather. The Discoverer STT is made to get the best traction no matter the surface. No matter if you are on dry pavement, a slick, wet trail or a field full of mud, you can count on the Discoverer STT to take you where you need to go.

The Cooper Discoverer STT also performs well. This tire helps increase the performance of your vehicle without adding a lot of extra and unnecessary road noise. Many off-road tires are loud and can deter truck owners from wanting to go on road trips or spend many miles on the roads in their trucks. The Discoverer STT is quieter than the competition, so you get the performance without the headache. Best of all, you won't see a drastic reduction in fuel economy like you might from similar off-road tires from other brands.

When you choose a tire, you also want to find a tire that looks great and complements the look of your vehicle. The Cooper Discoverer STT gives your truck an aggressive stance that lets everyone know you mean business. The Cooper Discoverer STT is economically-priced, so you get a great tire without breaking the budget. This tire is offered in a wide variety of sizes to fit almost every vehicle. This is one of the most versatile off-road tires, and one of the most popular.

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