P225/75R15 | Cooper Trendsetter SE

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Cooper Trendsetter SE
P225/75R15 102S
440 A B 40,000 miles
N/A Black

Cooper Trendsetter SE
40,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. only)

The Trendsetter SE is Cooper’s entry level all-season tire line targeted to the value-oriented consumer. The affordably priced Trendsetter SE is available in sizes that fit a wide range of older to later model automobiles – those that require the use of 75 series whitewall sizes.

White Sidewall Styling

.75 inch whitewall available in these sizes.
Part #    Size

C02905 P205/70R15 95S

C02906 P215/70R15 97S

C01310 P205/75R15 97S

C01311 P215/75R15 102S

C01313 P235/75R15 105S

All-Season "Block" Tread Design

Squared-off tread elements form an effective gripping edge for excellent year-round performance.

Variable Pitched Tread Elements

Computer-designed to reduce noise , the different sized elements work to provide a quiet-running tire at highway speeds.

Dual Compound Tread

A high-mileage tread cap compound is supported by a highly resilient base compound.  Working in tandem, this capbase system promotes excellent durability and low rolling resistance.

Deep Lateral Shoulder Slots

This design uses lateral slots in the shoulder to help ensure excellent traction throughout the life of the tire.

"See Though" Grooves

Circumferential "see through" groves help disperse water and slush to provide dependable all-season traction.

Polyester Cord Body

Dimensionally stable polyester cord improves tire uniformity by providing a more consistent carcass.  The end result is a more dependable, durable radial for value-conscious motorist. 

$60.86 each

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