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P255/60R19 | Cooper CS4 Touring

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Cooper CS4 Touring
P255/60R19 108H 108H
560 A A 60,000 miles

Product Overview

80,000 mile treadwear protection limited warranty (U.S. only) T Speed ratings only

60,000 mile treadwear protection limited warranty (U.S. only) H/V Speed ratings only

The CS4 Touring is Cooper’s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling in a touring tire. The CS4 Touring is suitable for a diverse range of vehicles including passenger cars, minivans, small SUVs and crossovers (CUV).

R-Tech Construction

R–Tech construction utilizes several design features that work in concert to provide enhanced tire performance.

Coupled Silica Tread Compound

The chemically coupled silica and carbon black compound allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear. An optimized polymer matrix allows the compound to remain pliable at lower temperatures while contributing to lower rolling resistance.

Innovative 5 Rib All-Season Tread Design

The innovative 5 rib tread design incorporates numerous features to provide for excellent stability, traction and treadwear.

Ventless Technology

Utilizing ventless technology in the tread area, the CS4 Touring exhibits a crisp, clean, premium appearance.


$145.00 each

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Consumer Reviews

Replacement Cooper CS4

2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe 11/13/2014
9:59 am

Ordered 1 Cooper CS4 for my 2002 Civic because one was stolen off my car in my driveway (hey, I live in NY!!!)No one in the whole country had one except Tire Crawler. Even with shipping to NY, their price was very good and the service was excellent. Recommend!!


Great price and tires

2007 Chevy Equinox 07/23/2014
11:29 am

This was a great buy. They are the same tires that came on my vehicle when it was new. Will pass on this to my friends and family.AAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++


Coops on a bimmer

1992 BMW 735i 05/05/2014
10:34 am

Overall Id rate as adequate to good except for snow traction where they are just bad. But cant beat price for a touring. Performs well as a touring tire only.


Great Tire

2006 Honda Odyssey 08/12/2014
11:16 am

I put 50,000 miles on my original Michelin tires that came with my 2006 Honda Odyssey. They were good tires, but very noisy on my Odyssey and were not good in wet weather after their first year. On the US Gulf Coast we get very heavy rains so I was interested in a good wet weather tire. After reading some reviews I reluctantly went with the Cooper CS4, and I am very glad I did. They are outstanding in heavy rains and had a quieter ride than the original tires. I did not get 80,000 miles on them. I replaced them at about 65,000 miles. I could have gone a few more miles, but I like my family on newer tires. When I replaced them the tire salesman tried to talk me into Michelin Defenders, but I instead went for the Cooper CS4s again. I don't understand why anyone would live where it snows, so I cannot attest to their snow traction, but they are outstanding in wet weather.



1:29 pm

these tires are wonderul. tirecrawler was the cheapest place to get them. i have already purchased 3 sets of tires from tirecrawler


Awesome Tires

2006 Hyundai Azera 04/10/2014
11:33 am

Best tires I have owned



2009 Hyaundai Sonata 04/10/2014
10:58 am

Tires appear to be smooth riding.


Nice all weather tire

2010 Chevrolet Impala 12/10/2013
10:42 am

First set and handle great, snow and winter is not a problem as long as you stay focused on your right foot on the fuel pedal. Will definately get these again


great tires

2006 VW Jetta TDI 12/10/2013
10:46 am

By far the best tires I've ever owned. I got nearly 60,000 miles out of them, but probably should have replaced a little sooner. They are rock solid in the rain, handle 35 mph curves here in the mtns at 50 mph easily, and had even wear. Hard to imagine someone not being pleased with the wear of this tire, I'm on my second set.

monty 49

2008 chysler town&country 12/10/2013
10:47 am

price was great the ride is really good and the noise is minimal.



2006 Dodge Grand Caravan 12/10/2013
10:47 am

Bought the tires to complete the van as a gift to the Son and his family. Made it safe and reliable. They took it on a trip, with the two grandsons, the very next day. Rides great and we will watch how they hold up to lots of trips. Great service from Tire Crawler and I recommend you guys to all my friends when they need tires. I am also a return customer. Thanks


Great Tire

2006 Nissan Maxima 12/10/2013
10:48 am

These tires are some of the best I have ever put on my car. Great to not have any road noise


Noisy poor treadwear

2008 Subaru Outback SW 12/10/2013
10:49 am

I have had these tires for 32,000 miles and they are very noisy and have worn down to 4/32 tread. Hardly going to last 80,000 miles and the noise is unbearable. Do not handle well in wet or snow covered roads even with AWD.


Good tires

1998 BMW 528i 12/10/2013
11:00 am

My 98 BMW 528I had Cooper tires on it from the previous owner and I was satisfied with their performance. When it came time for replacing two of the tires, I was hoping to get the same Cooper tires. None of the local vendors had my tire size but tire Crawler did, and I was happy to order two tires from them. The pricing was reasonable and they shipped within a week.


great tire

2009 ford focus 08/07/2013
10:56 am

good tire, lots of grip in all conditions. A little on the noisy side, but only just noticeable if you're really paying attention.


cooper CS4 touring

2002 HONDA CIVIC 07/17/2013
2:36 pm

the ONLY place these tires do not rate Excellent is in SNOW, they are good at carefull speeds on snow but a real snowtire is safer. I love them for everything else ! TREADWARE is to early to tell.


Wear out

2008 Saturn Outlook 07/17/2013
3:26 pm



Cooper tires

2007 Ford Focus 07/19/2013
11:25 am

All around seems to be a good tire ... Will buy them again


Excellent tire

2009 Focus 07/19/2013
11:43 am

I have already put a couple thousand miles on these tires, and so far so good. They are more quiet that the factory rubber that was on there. We have had 1 snow/ice storm already, and these tires performed admirably.


2008 ford TAURAS 08/12/2014
12:07 pm

I.m quite satisfied with the low noise generated by these tires. Have not had a chance to really check out wet weather performance.


Good for the price

2002 Ford T-Bird 03/11/2013
3:15 pm

Have had good luck with them so far


Good Tires

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 10/01/2012
11:47 am

Tires ride great. Put the same tire on two cars.


Great Store

2010 FORD FLEX 08/12/2014
11:33 am



Wear out too fast

2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6 04/30/2012
3:13 pm

I've had two sets of these tires and they simply wear out too fast. Supposed to last 60,000 miles and lasted only around 35,000 both times. With the front wheel drive and V6 they just don't have enough grip to stick to the road and in the rain is een worse. I basically have to barely touch the gas otherwise the tires will spin. I won't be getting these tires again.

cooper touring tires

2007 toyota camry 07/07/2011
2:54 pm

Love the tire but they seem to make quite a bit of noise. It was my understanding that they were whisper quiet.


Cooper CS4 Touring Tires

2008 Hyundai Azera 04/14/2014
2:03 pm

These tires handle great under wet or dry conditions. They also have deep thread and are very quiet.


Cooper CS4 Touring

1992 Ford Mustang 04/14/2014
2:02 pm

I am very happy with them so far. I don't know how to rate the scale. Is 1 good or is 5 good. I am going to guess that 5 is excellent.


Nice Tires

2004 pontiac grand am 04/11/2014
12:23 pm

Very nice tires on the family car


Quiet great tires

2008 Honda Fit 04/11/2014
12:23 pm

I had Dunlop tires on the car from the factory. As the tread wore down they became very noisy. I thought at first it was a bearing problem. Then after checking the various Honda Fit forums I found out it was the worn tires. The Coopers came highly recommend. Everyone said they were quiet. They were right! It's completely transformed this car. It's unbelievable the difference it's made in this car. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone. Best, Randy Phoenix, AZ


Great tire for all conditions

2008 Toyota Highlander 04/11/2014
11:49 am

I got these tires and within a week drove from Spokane, Washington to the Oregon coast and the road noise was almost non-existent. They have a good tread, handle well in the snow and ice. I would recommend this tire to anyone who wants a tire that is good for snow and ice and a very comfortable ride.