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LT285/70R17 | Cooper Discoverer AT3

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Cooper Discoverer AT3
LT285/70R17 E 121R
N/A 55,000 miles
E (10 Ply) WHT LTR

Discoverer A/T3

The Discoverer A/T3 utilizes a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tire that will perform well in nearly all types of terrains. The tread compound enhances wet traction and rolling resistance, while the aggressive tread design significantly improves off-road traction without sacrificing highway performance.

M and S Rated

Structured Sipe Density

The number of sipes is distinctively structured in the tread elements to provide a quieter running tire and even tread wear.

Ventless Technology

The molds used to manufacture the A/T3 incorporate a venting technology that eliminates micro-vents in the tread area. This ventless technology provides a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Modern Aggressive 5-Rib All-Terrain Design

The aggressive all-terrain design is engineered to provide outstanding performance in both on-road and off-road driving applications. The A/T3 tread pattern exploits a combination of features specifically suited to provide solid all-terrain performance, superior all-season traction, excellent stability, confident handling and reliable tread wear.

$194.87 each

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Consumer Reviews

Discover sts

2005 Ford Escape 12/08/2014
11:58 am

Good tires in Snow. good all around.


Best price around

2005 Chevy Silverado 10/29/2014
9:44 am

After searching all over tire crawler was the best place to find tires I have found. The last set of cooper tires I bought at my local tire shop cost over $250 per tire. I have put a over 10,000 miles on these tires now and they look like new. I travel a lot on dirt roads and they hold up better then expected.


Awesome all terrains

2006 Jeep Wrangler 10/29/2014
9:35 am

These are great tires, not too much sound from them, I've never had a slip or hydro slide when wet. Best price around for the quality of tire


Cooper AT3

2005 ford f250 09/10/2014
11:30 am

Tires came on time. Tires had no damage and we're not out of round. Something you have to worry about when buying tires on Internet. Once tires where on impressed with ride and comfort and great traction off road as I do quite a bit with my work. Will definitely buy again



2003 ford f350 09/10/2014
11:30 am

good tires for the money!


Cooper AT3

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 07/23/2014
11:23 am

Great tire, good traction in a variety of conditions. Wearing really well, even on these Rocky Mountain dirt/gravel roads. Highly recommended as a good all around tire.



2002 jeep Grand Cherokee 07/23/2014
11:32 am

these are by far the best tires I bought thru cooper, and I buy nothing but cooper tires


best tires ever under wet conditions!..

2000 Jeep Cherokee 08/04/2014
1:48 pm

best tires I've ever used, unmatched grip on wet roads, good handling, and pretty quite at high this tires!! And has the best prices anywhere!!!...


Great tires

2010 Ford F150 05/05/2014
10:31 am

Did a lot of research before I bought these. Best tires I could've gone with


amazing tires

2010 ford escape 05/05/2014
10:34 am

These tires are awesome. They are great in all weather (rain, snow, ice). They have stiffer sidewalls than the factory Michelin's so they handle way better around the corners. Slightly louder road noise, but not too noticeable, super awesome tires at a super awesome price.


Cooper All Terrain

2006 GMC Canyon 04/11/2014
11:07 am

Great riding and great looking tires. Tires have very good tread pattern for water displacement on wet roads . Really smooth ride. Tire crawler had the best price.



2002 chevy silverado 04/11/2014
11:07 am

the tires I bought,are great,


Great Tires

2010 Toyota Tundra 04/10/2014
11:43 am

These tires are great on my truck. Have not had them long enough to rate tread wear, but so far they have performed wonderfully.


Great tire- great size

2001 GMC Yukon XL 3/4t 04/10/2014
11:15 am

Wanted some pizza cutters (235/85/16) for better wet and snow traction. Very happy with this size on my Yukon. My second set of at3's- had them on my 3/4t dodge(285/75/16). Nice and quiet, great traction on and off the pavement. They chain up nicely.


Great Tires!

2003 Dodge Ram 2500 04/10/2014
11:10 am

These tires perform amazing. Great service from Tire Crawler



2005 ford f350 superduty 04/10/2014
11:00 am

this is the third set of tires on this truck and was having difficulty getting anything to last this truck is mostly used as a car we have been more than impressed so far with the cooper tires we will buy another set


Seems good for the money

2006 chev silverado z71 12/10/2013
10:35 am

These are on a truck that gets a lot of road use in high central Nevada. They were great for traveling dry roads and just used them in the ice in snow and handled very well. Can not comment on tread wear only have about 5,000 miles on them


Cooper AT3

1995 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 12/10/2013
10:37 am

Love these tires. They're the best wet pavement/off road tire there is. The aggressive tread design coupled with the sipe design makes these the best AT tire on the market. Much better than the Dynapro ATM.


great tires

1999 gmc serria 08/07/2013
10:47 am

great company, great service, would buy from them again, cooper tire discoverer a/t 3 is a really good tire



2012 toyota tacoma 07/16/2013
3:07 pm

Great tires for the price. Ride well on the high way and on wet streets. So far I haven't been in deep mud but I anticipate great results similar to BFG All terrain TKO's


Quiet, Good Ride

2010 Toyota Tundra 07/16/2013
4:25 pm

I went with these tires after running Toyo M/T's. I was really wanting the Toyo ATII's, but none were available (FOREVER!!!) in the wheel/size I needed. Went with these on recommendation of rep. I couldn't be happier with these tires. They don't wallow when towing our scout's 7000lb troop trailer and wet traction and tracking is EXCELLENT! They do respectable off-road especially in wet gravel/dirt roads. Can't comment on mud yet. Great tire overall.


Cooper AT3

1995 Chevy 2500 Silverado 07/17/2013
2:40 pm

Absolutely love these tires! They are fantastic for wet pavement traction, and I haven't gotten stuck on any mud roads yet! They're simply amazing for everything between dry pavement to off road and everything in between!



2012 Toyota Tacoma 07/17/2013
3:21 pm

Great value performance and look great on the truck.


great tires

2000 ford f350 07/19/2013
11:23 am

as soon as i put them i liked them have had them in the rain snow and ice do great ride nice and quit


Excellant tire for the money

2000 Toyota 4 Runner 08/12/2014
11:54 am

Les Schwab wanted $1200 dollars for a six ply all terrain and after a rebate from Cooper my 10 ply all terrain tires were $600 delivered to my doorstep...minimal noise and treadwear and I travel on dirt roads 25% of the miles driven and great traction on snow, ice, wet, and mud...couldn't be happier with the purchase...


These tires are terrific!

2000 Ford Explorer 03/11/2013
3:20 pm

I have about 4000 miles on these P235-75R15 XL tires, and they have the best traction, comfort, low noise and looks of any tire I have used on my Explorer. Tread wear so far indicates they will have excellent tread life. The XL version is a strong tire, but the ride is still very comfortable.


Best All-Around

2006 Dodge Ram 4x4 03/11/2013
3:18 pm

in my opinion, these are the best all around tires for the everyday outdoorsman. good on commute to work while still being plenty effective in hazardous conditions and off road applications... great tread wear and plenty of strength in the sidewalls when towing...


P235 75R 15 XL

2000 Ford Explorer 03/11/2013
3:17 pm

So far, these tires have proven tough on all types of terrain with excellent traction and good abrasion resistance. Too early to determine rate of tread wear, but appears it will be excellent.


cooper at 3

1998 dodge 3500 ram 10/01/2012
11:26 am



Will Buy Again!

2004 Toyota Tacoma 10/01/2012
11:30 am

I drive 12 miles of unimproved roads daily and haul water over those same roads 2 to 3 times per week. These Cooper's take all the abuse and give me peace of mind in return.


AT3 Review

2011 Ford F150 10/01/2012
11:31 am

Great traction on and off road. Hasn't rained since I bought them (3500 miles ago) so don't know about wet pavement yet. Great on gravel and old logging roads, love em.



2000 Ford Explorer 10/01/2012
11:33 am

Very good tires so far


great tire

1992 chevy blazer 10/01/2012
11:38 am

tire does great in the sand quite and does decent in the mud


Cooper AT3

2010 ford f250 10/01/2012
11:51 am

Mounted on truck on 8/31/'12. Towed 12K fifth wheel for 9 hours. Tires quiet, not squishy towing in turns, predictable handling and they look great. No drop in gas milage either. Muted thump over change lane indicators.


Great tires so far

1998 Toyota 4Runner 10/01/2012
12:28 pm

Really happy with the tires so far. Quiet,ride nice, good in water, haven't driven in snow yet. Great all around tire,  would purchase again.



1991 Ford F-150 10/01/2012
12:30 pm

I've used Cooper Discoverer Tires for 10 yrs or more.


Pleasantly Surprised

2006 Chevy Silverado 4x4 1500 HD Crew Cab 05/06/2014
2:14 pm

I put 48,000 miles on some BF Goodrich All Terrain TA's they rode hard and pushed in corners and were really loud at the end. Thank god the BF Goodrich said that the TA's were unavailable and to find another brand. The Coopers, corner better, ride softer and are quieter, they look good on my truck too.. I am extremely impressed. BF Goodrich is history. 315/75/16



1999 chevy 2500 silverado 4wd 01/20/2012
12:20 pm

put these on my truck last week AWSOME. quiet great traction cant wait for snow. just ordered a set for my wifes 2004 jeep grand cherokee



2009 dodge 3500 diesel 08/23/2011
10:06 am

Very quiet and really hug the road, but the thing that most impressed me was their fuel efficiency. They gave me an extra 2mpg on this truck and that is with the truck computer calibrated for a 285 tire size. Will be buying another set soon for my wifes toyota sequoia.